Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Our Women’s Health physiotherapist, Annabel Pelham is experienced in treating women with a range of conditions that can effect women throughout their lives. These can be brought on during pregnancy, postnatally, during menopause and post menopause. From incontinence to vaginal pain, prolapse to pelvic floor conditions, there is growing evidence that physiotherapy can alleviate, and in many cases cure these symptoms.

We understand that some of these conditions may feel embarrassing and difficult to discuss and therefore all sessions will taken in complete privacy.

The assessment will start with a detailed history of your presenting complaints and of any previous medical conditions.

This will be followed by a physical examination of your pelvic area, abdomen and lumbar spine. If appropriate you may then be offered an internal examination to help identify the tone, strength and control of your pelvic floor muscles. Using gentle finger palpation, the soft tissue will be assessed for injury, scarring, soreness, neural sensitivity and any signs of pelvic organ prolapse.

After the findings have been discussed with you, a tailored treatment and exercise programme can be developed.

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