Physio Yoga 1:1

What is Yoga and Yoga therapy?

Yoga is a system of physical exercises and breathing control, which are designed to increase both strength and stability while adopting specific bodily postures. There is also an emphasis on focusing the mind.

Yoga techniques incorporate exercise components which are also commonly used in physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation.  These include active stretching, muscle strengthening in functional positions and movement of the whole body through full muscle and joint ranges. Combining yoga poses with knowledge of anatomy and injury can therefore be used to rehabilitate from injury and to maintain optimal musculoskeletal health, in order to prevent injury or reoccurrence.

Claire Powell is a physiotherapist with a special interest in combining anatomical and biomechanical knowledge with Yoga therapy 1-1 sessions can be beneficial if you are:

  • Rehabilitating from an injury or suffered previous injuries and want to access the exercise in a safe way
  • A beginner to Yoga
  • Have suffered an injury caused or made worse by Yoga practice
  • Sedentary workers
  • Elite Athletes requiring cross training
  • Manual workers or labourers completing similar movements and postures on a daily basis

Physio Yoga 1:1 is available at our Kemptown Clinic only.



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