We are proud to be affiliated with physiotherapist Ginette Price at Hove PhysioPilates offering both 1:1 physio pilates and mat classes at her studio in Hove.

Ginette is a Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Pilates Instructor with 20 years experience. Working in the NHS, initially in and around London but for the past 15 years on the South Coast, her patient groups have included both adults and children with Trauma and Sports Injuries, Spinal Injuries and Bone Tumours,as well as Chronic Pain Management and Elderly Rehabilitation.


  Ginette Price


With such extensive and varied experience, at Hove PhysioPilates we believe in taking a holistic and client-focused approach to rehabilitation and value the benefits Pilates can offer both physical and mental well-being, when tailored to an individual’s needs.

All classes and 1:1 sessions are held in a beautiful, modern garden studio in the heart of the Hove Park area.

For spinal, post natal, chronic pain, sports injury rehabilitation or for just exercise classes to maintain and build on your core muscles and strength, these sessions will be perfect for you.

“Ginette has helped me both pre and post spinal surgery, initially with 1:1 sessions and now with ongoing regular weekly mat classes. With such small class groups plus the knowledge and experience of being a physiotherapist, she is able to tailor all her sessions to the whole classes needs.” Tina Mason, Clinic Owner & Head Physiotherapist

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