Kirsty Constable Personal Trainer and Exercise Referral Specialist (REPs)

Kirsty is a Personal Trainer and Exercise Referral Specialist who prioritises client care and ensures that any exercise programme undertaken should first and foremost be safe and effective for the individual and their needs.

She believes that exercise can improve anyone’s quality of life- from pain-management, weight-loss to gaining strength. Whether you have a pre-existing medical condition, need to reduce the risk of developing a condition or you just want to feel stronger, fitter and healthier, Kirsty is here to build your confidence and will support you every step of the way.

Each session is individually tailored to the client’s specific physical and emotional needs- including those outlined by patients GP or physiotherapist. The sessions focus on developing strength, increasing fitness and aiding people in managing health-conditions.

Keeping active and moving your body is something Kirsty considers to be savoured and should not feel like a chore. She trains her clients to develop not only a positive relationship with exercise, but to develop a positive relationship with themselves.

When it comes to health and fitness, there truly is no once-size-that-fits-all. Every individual’s needs are different, goals are different and journeys are different. Kirsty will help you not only arrive at your destination but will aid you in achieving them in a realistic, maintainable and enjoyable way.

 Kirsty Constable


Exercise referral: £25-£40

Personal training: £25

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