Bowel Health

We are pleased to now be able to refer any patients with severe Bowel Health disorders to Trisha Muella. She is a highly experienced physiotherapist within this field.

  Trisha Muella BSc (Hons), M.C.S.P. Registered with HCPC and POGP 

Bowel Health covers a variety of conditions that can affect a range of people of different ages and due to different causes.

Bowel incontinence affect many individuals but due to the fact these problems are not openly talked about by men or women, it has become an embarrassing topic leading to many people not seeking help. This will then significantly affect a persons life & well being. This does not need to be the case as often, a lot of these problems can be helped with physiotherapy treatment.

If you would like more information on how to be referred to Trisha, please call the clinic on 01273 621248 or email us at:

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